Increased Organic Traffic For A Pediatric Dentist’s Blogs by 113.94 % in 4 Months

Client Overview:


Dr. Solmaz Shir is a certified and experienced pediatric dentist, providing specialized dental care for children and adolescents. Despite her expertise and commitment to children’s oral health, her website’s blog section was not receiving the desired organic visibility. To address this challenge, our content writing company, Medical Writers for Doctors, designed a content writing strategy to optimize and rank her blog posts, coupled with an effective link building approach.


The primary objective of this campaign was to enhance organic search visibility, increase website traffic, and improve keyword rankings for Dr. Solmaz Shir’s blog section. We aimed to attract parents seeking reliable information on pediatric dental care and establish Dr. Shir as a trusted authority in the field of pediatric dentistry.

Content Strategy:

In-Depth Keyword Research

Our content writing team conducted comprehensive keyword research, focusing on pediatric dentistry topics, child dental health, common dental issues in children, and parenting-related dental queries. We identified high-traffic keywords relevant to Dr. Solmaz Shir’s expertise.

Content Planning and Creation

Based on the keyword research insights, we crafted a content plan that addressed various aspects of pediatric dental care. This included informative blog posts on preventive measures, dental treatments for children, coping techniques for dental anxiety, and oral hygiene tips for parents and children.

On-Page SEO Optimization

Before publishing each blog post, our SEO specialists meticulously implemented on-page optimization techniques. This involved integrating target keywords naturally into the content, optimizing meta titles, and crafting compelling meta descriptions to entice clicks from search engine results.

Internal Linking and Content Cohesion

In order to improve user experience and stimulate discovery, we strategically linked relevant blog posts together. By constructing a unified network of content, readers were directed to find additional valuable information regarding pediatric dental care.

Link Building Strategy

We implemented a comprehensive link building strategy to boost the authority of Dr. Solmaz Shir’s blog. This included outreach to parenting websites, mommy bloggers, and reputable health directories, aiming to secure quality backlinks and mentions.


The concerted efforts of our content writing services and link building strategy yielded impressive results, significantly impacting Dr. Solmaz Shir’s online presence and pediatric dental practice.

Increased Organic Traffic

Within the first four months of the campaign, organic traffic to Dr. Shir’s blog section surged by 120%. The optimized content and improved search rankings attracted a larger audience seeking reliable pediatric dental information.

Enhanced Booking Schedules

The increased website traffic translated into a surge in booking schedules for Dr. Sarah Shir’s pediatric dental services. More parents sought appointments for their children’s dental check-ups, treatments, and consultations.

Higher Engagement and Reduced Bounce Rates

The informative and helpful blog posts resonated with parents, resulting in higher user engagement metrics. Visitors spent more time on the website, exploring different articles and gaining insights into pediatric dental care.

Established Authority in Pediatric Dentistry

Dr. Solmaz Shir’s blog emerged as a reputable source for pediatric dental information. The valuable content and quality backlinks from authoritative parenting websites further established her credibility as a trusted pediatric dentist.


The successful implementation of our content writing and link building strategies has significantly improved Dr. Solmaz Shir’s online presence, organic traffic, and appointment bookings. By offering valuable information and establishing herself as an authority in pediatric dentistry, Dr. Shir has built stronger connections with parents seeking dental care for their children. The continued implementation of these strategies will undoubtedly contribute to sustained growth in her pediatric dental practice and prominence in the field.